Covid Protocols

Welcome to Airport View Hotel

Duty of Care Operating Procedure

Thank you for choosing Airport View Hotel!

As our valued client, we wish to assure you that we are well positioned to respond to all your hospitality needs in the light of the challenges posed by the current pandemic. As our hotel remains opened since the first declaration of COVID-19 case in Ghana, our procedures have been strengthened and we have also put in place all the necessary measures to welcome you with absolute peace of mind.

Kindly see below our Health & Safety measures:


  • All hotel staff have been trained by a medical team from the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service on Infection Prevention and Control.
  • This is a training that happens on regular basis since 21st March, 2020.
  • All hotel staff wear nose masks and other PPEs depending on departmental duties.


  • COVID-19 protocol signages and information/instructions displayed at visible points in entire hotel.2.2 Hand sanitizers and hand washing stations well distributed in the hotel.
  • All persons must wear a nose mask before entry.
  • All persons must wash their hands under running water or use our alcohol-based hand sanitizer before entering the hotel.
  • All persons must have their temperatures checked before entering the hotel.
  • All luggage must be disinfected before and after checking in/checking out guests respectively.
  • All guests must complete a mandatory COVID-19 Declaration Form before check in.
  • All visitors will have to complete a mandatory Contact Tracing Form at the hotel before leaving


  • Use sanitizers after interacting with all high touch areas (Lift, door handles, rails etc. etc.…).
  • Only 4 persons are allowed to use the lift designed originally to accommodate 8 Persons.
  • Increased cleaning, every 30 minutes, of common areas and surfaces frequently touched by clients and team members.
  • Regular disinfection of door handles, elevator control panels and credit card terminals.
  • Regular routine fumigation, disinfection and disinfestation of the hotel.


  • They are required to spend most of their time in doors.
  • They have limited access to public areas in the hotel.
  • They have a designated area in the hotel to receive fresh air and exercise for 45 minutes.


  • Presence of adequate Security Personnel.
  • Use of CCTV cameras for surveillance at all points to ensure protocols are being adhered to.
  • All entry and exit points secured and provided with hand washing stations, alcohol-based sanitizers, tissues and thermometer guns.


  • There is always a security briefing on general safety and COVID-19 protocols before all events.
  • Set up is done for half capacity to ensure social distancing protocols are adhered to.
  • All participants must wear a nose mask at all times.
  • Alcohol based sanitizers must be used during all conferences and events.
  • The conference room and all facilities used are disinfected before and after each conference.
  • All participants regarding above named event/s will have to complete a mandatory contact tracing form at the hotel before leaving.


  • To ensure our guests’ safety, we have put a gym reservation / booking system in place.
  • The gym is therefore used by only one person at a time based on availability.
  • After usage, the entire gym is deep cleaned, disinfected and made ready for usage by another guest.
  • Quarantined guests can only use the gym after a second successful test and upon submitting a clearance letter from an approved COVID-19 Testing Health facility.


  • We have Increased water-sanitation levels in the pool and maintain chlorine levels closer to 2.0 PPM.
  • The pool goes through a regular treatment as per COVID alert procedures by the Ghana Standards Authority.
  • Quarantined guests can only use the gym after a second successful test and upon submitting a clearance letter from an approved COVID-19 Testing Health facility.


  • Food preparation is done in strict hygienic conditions.
  • All kitchen staff dress appropriately with gloves, nose masks and hair nets depending on specific roles.
  • There is a hand washing station, chlorine footbath and alcohol-based sanitizer at the entrance of the kitchen.
  • All foods and beverages are served with disposable bowls and cups in rooms with limited access to public areas including the Restaurant, Pool and Gym.


  • All rooms are disinfected before and after a guest checks out.
  • All laundry done in high temperature washing machines with standard detergents including chlorine in proportions approved by the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service.


  • Medical team on standby to assist in case of any case suspicion, sample collection and testing.
  • Bureau of National Investigation (National Security) on standby to provide security support when needed.
  • Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Service regularly visits and inspects the hotel premises to ensure safety compliance.


There are 3 different companies standing by for regular fumigation of the hotel aside the daily disinfection measures.
The companies include;

  • LCB Worldwide Ghana
  • Scientific World Limited
  • Otchey International

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